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Re: [Slightly OT] Perl interpreter (win32) single "threaded"?

> What are Mech and IE::Mech?  Are they perhaps things that have something
> to do with http?  Are thay in some way related to WWW::Mechanize and
> Win32::IE::Mechanize?

One and the same

> Knowing what little I know about Windows, IE and using OLE to control
> interactive Win32 apps it seems unlikley that you could have multiple
> instances of Win32::IE::Mechanize working at once since both would be
> trying to take control of your IE process (and AFAIK you only have one of
> those at a time).

I am not sure. We do visual scraping with the WebBrowser control (which is
an ActiveX version of IE) in VB all the time and it's perfectly possible to
have multiple open that perform simultaneously. Of course I do not know how
Win32::IE::Mechanize hooks into IE, but I see the same behavior when using
the Mech (which does NOT hook into a browser)

> Anyhow, like I say I'm no expert - but it seems more likely this is a
> question about IE and the OLE InternetExplorer object than it is about
> Perl.

Not really, we only use IE::Mech if WWW::Mech fails, which is not often and
as stated before the same thing occurs.

> You could trivially test if multiple Perl processes could run at once by
> trying it.

Already did that, that is what caused my OP.

> I've been using Perl professsionally for may years and I've only wery
> rarely used it to build robotic web clients, never for this purpose on
> windows certainly never by taking remote control of IE.
> However by a strange co-incidence this is what I will be doing this next
> week.

Hey you are my "photo-negative" <g> We have been doing robot web clients
that use IE in some form or fashion for a long time, but Perl is new :-)
Maybe we can take this offline and swap some horror-stories.

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