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How do I pass just a "slice to mysubsub()?  I have an array reference
to three hashes

$p = [ {a => "1"}, {b => "2"}, {c => "4} ];


sub mysub {
  my ($pF) = @_;
  #every thing ok so far

  mysubsub($pF);  #passes all three

  # want something like this, but can't seem to make it work.


Thank you.

Re: slices

okey wrote:
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mysubsub( @{ $pF }[ 1 .. 2 ] )

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Re: slices

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I like to apply "Use Rule 1" from perlreftut in 3 steps:

    mysubsub( @array[ 1 .. 2 ] )  # pretend it is a plain array (slice)

    mysubsub( @{   }[ 1 .. 2 ] )  # replace array name with a block

    mysubsub( @{ $pF }[ 1 .. 2 ] )  # fillin block with the right kind of ref

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Re: slices

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That should be

mysubsub( @[1..2] }

You first deref the arrayref, then you can slice the resulting
arrray. Of course, you're now passing an array, not a ref, but that if
you need a ref, you can easily fix that.


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