simple CGI web server

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I desire a simple pure-perl httpd server that will serve up CGI
applications. Single-threaded is fine.  I just want it to serve up *.cgi
files that are in the same directory it was started within, and run as the
user who started it.  It should do both POST and GET.

I've looked at but it doesn't do POST
and doesn't properly pass parameters to GET.

It seems like HTTP::Daemon provides the tools necessary to make what I
want, but doing so does not look trivial.  Searching for
http or httpd gives me hundreds of modules, but as far as I can tell none
of them do what I want, being mostly clients or configuration-tools rather
than servers.

Before I try to roll my own with HTTP::Daemon, can anyone point me to
existing, debugged module/code that does what I want?



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