SIGUSR1 ignored during poll() if sleep() and warn() called?

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I have a non-blocking server:

$SIG = $SIG = $SIG = 'IGNORE';
$SIG = $SIG = sub { $Dump = 1; };
$SIG = $SIG  = sub { $Quit = 1; };

sub dump {
        my $pkg = shift;

        print STDERR Dumper(\%Kids);

sub loop {
        my $pkg = shift;

        while (not $Quit) {
                if ($Dump) {
                        $Dump = undef;

                if ($Poll->poll(TIMEOUT) < 0) {
                        warn "poll error: $!\n";

                $pkg->add($httpSocket) if $Poll->events($httpSocket) &
                $pkg->add($tcpSocket) if $Poll->events($tcpSocket) &

                for my $child (values %Kids) {
                        my $fh = $child->;
                        my $mask = $Poll->events($fh);

                        if ($mask & (POLLERR | POLLHUP)) {
                        } elsif ($mask & POLLIN) {
                                $child->remove() unless $child->read
                        } elsif ($mask & POLLOUT) {
                                $child->remove() unless $child->write
                # remove not responding users

When I check for poll() return value as above,
then the Child->dump() isn't called when I send
a USR1 signal to my script. I only see:

   poll error: Interrupted system call

and the script continues. When I remove the "if",
warn() and sleep() and just call in void context


then Child->dump() is called as expected.

Why is it so, why isn't USR1 registered in the 1st case?

Do warn() or sleep() clear %!  and how could I workaround this?

Thank you

PS: I'm using:

This is perl, v5.10.0 built for i386-openbsd

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