Session termination using use CGI::Session; redirection tot eh login page doesn't yet work...

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I finally figured out how to clear the session created using:

my $session = CGI::Session->new('driver:mysql',$query,{ DataSource  =>
                                                   User        =>
                                                   Password    =>

To do so, I am using:


my $scriptname = $query->url(-path=>1);
$scriptname =~ s/cgi-bin\/logout\.pl/login\.html/;
print $query->redirect(-location=>"$scriptname",-status=302);
#print $session->header(-location=>$scriptname);

When I do this, the session info goes away, but nothing I do has had
the effect of redirecting the user to the login page.  How do I get
this to redirect to the login page?



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