Session management for cgi, ldap, oracle?

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I'm looking for session and authentication management, to wit:

1. Prompt the user for a username/pass.
2. Check this against an LDAP server.
3. If OK, start a session. This gives the application the OK to log
into Oracle using a hardcoded username/pass.
4. Maintain the user's session across the many scripts that make up the
web site.
5. Kill the session when the user clicks log off or closes the browser.

I have two possible environments I can use:

1. linux (suse 9.1), apache, cgi, oracle, perl 5.8.3, LDAP 3
2. solaris, apache, cgi, oracle, perl 5.005, LDAP 3

Can anyone recommend a toolkit that does this? I would really like this
to be _easy_, but if that's not possible, I guess it won't kill me to
do a little coding.

Thanks for any leads.


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