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Re: Send Email

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The scripts PHP in its majority are defined with one max_execution_time of  
30 seconds in php.ini, I think that perl script can be running for the  
time that I need in the server why it does not have this limitation.

My idea is certain?


Re: Send Email

On 2005-06-24, Marcos scribbled these
curious markings:
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A server or a browser can timeout a request for a Perl program just as
easily as PHP can apply its own timeout.

Best Regards,
Christopher Nehren
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Re: Send Email

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I don't know PHP, but I suspect that figuring out how to change the its
timeout would be easier than learning a whole new language.  Also, if php
calls Perl synchronously and then times out, it may take Perl down with it.

Why does it take >30 seconds to send an email?


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Re: Send Email

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No. Only the administrator of server can change the file php.ini :( .. and  
I would like to learn Perl for use in my projects.

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I think that No. I found this solution in, that it allows to  
execute one script Perl without ties it php to it...:

fork and exit 1;

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They are several e-mails, of my database :( For few emails I use the  
htmlmimemail (php).



Marcos José Setim
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Re: Send Email

[in reply to Xho, as I have to add]

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Can't say I like the sound of this...


Re: Send Email

Hi Marcos,


I couldn't upload a tar file to this geocites site so I uploaded
a jar file. Don't be confused this isn't a java thing. It's all Perl.

The only thing that's required for this code to work is a
socket library and an email server where IMAP is enabled.

You'll have to edit the username, password, and mail
host in

I don't have the time, like I thought I had, to create
a minimal set of files having the least amount of lines
of code to just send a message.

You can send email and do about anything you want
wil mail using IMAP.

List messages, create folders, you name it.

All this is based on RFC822.

I've gotten this code to work on production environments
in both Solaris and NeXTSTEP 3.3.

Note the "send.cgi" script. It's a page on a website which
as a form that redirects back to itself
(send.cgi). When the hidden parameter "verify"  is set to one
the script uploads an attachment if there is one and then
sends an email message.

This was coded about five years ago before many of the Perl
mail modules were written.

There's complicated about this code. It could easily be
translated into PHP should you want to keep an entire PHP

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