seeking "pure Perl" (no C) database

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I'm looking for a "pure Perl" database module.  I'm looking for
something specifically that does not require any type of compilation,
i.e., does not rely on C code.  I want something entirely implemented
via .pm files and relying on flat (text or binary) files for data
storage.  Basic functionality I seek includes retrieving (select),
modifying (update), adding (insert), and deleting (delete) data.  I
don't need a large degree of SQL compliance, nor does SQL even have to
be the mechanism for interacting with the database.

DBD::CSV and SQLite were the first two things I looked at, but they
have compiled components themselves or depend on packages that have
compiled components.

I checked the FAQ and did a quick search on CPAN but didn't find
anything.  I also searched usenet via google groups (crippled as it

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Re: seeking "pure Perl" (no C) database wrote:
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Check out the DBI::PurePerl module.

Bob Walton

Re: seeking "pure Perl" (no C) database

Looks like I'd still need a pure Perl DBD driver to go with
DBI::PurePerl (as PurePerl only emulates the "real" DBI, not any of the
DBD drivers).  Are any of the flat-file DBD drivers pure Perl?

Re: seeking "pure Perl" (no C) database

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DBD::Sprite, I believe.

Mike Heins
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Re: seeking "pure Perl" (no C) database

: I'm looking for a "pure Perl" database module.

Why pure perl. Most perl modules depend on compiled stuff.

If you are on windows without C compiler, then you can
install cygwin. It has C compiler and perl.

Or are you rinning on more exotic envitoment like
DOS, or xenix?

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