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For some time, I wonder how to make's display of the
POD smarter.  E.g., go to

Note that links to mp3info2 and typeset_audio_dir are "hot".  Very
good.  Click on mp3info2, go to SEE_ALSO again.  Now the link to
typeset_audio_dir is "dead"; and same holds for audio_rename.

Somehow, the system does not realize that these are very (most?)
important parts of the distribution.  And the EXE_FILES entry in the
Makefile.PL is determined at runtime (but not reflected in META.yml).

Is there a way to advice the system on these issues?


Re: how to advice its displays

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Oups, I just realized that what I posted could have been read in
negativish tones.  Sorry for this!

I think that is one of the largests and most useful
contributions to the Perl community.  I use it very often, and do not
know anything comparably magnificent in other endevoirs - and not only
programming endevoirs.

Ouph.  Got this air out,

Re: how to advice its displays

On Wed, 11 Jan 2012 08:13:05 +0000 (UTC)

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Consider also if you haven't used it yet.

Re: how to advice its displays

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Well, MP3/ has the links in SEE ALSO wrapped in L<>, but mp3info2
doesn't. Perhaps whatever POD formatter Graham's using only picks up
links automatically if they look like module names?

Certainly I know that the formatter doesn't know or care whether the
links it generates will point anywhere useful. It will quite happily
generate a link to a non-existent module, which will magically start
working if a module by that name is subsequently uploaded.

However, there is another problem: the link to mp3info2 in
points to <>, and that link takes
you to <>,
in a much older version of the distribution. This is almost certainly
related to the fact that <>
doesn't have entries for any of the scripts in examples/ under

I can't see any obvious reason for the later version not to have been
recognised: the script has a $VERSION, which would have been my first
suspicion, and the NAME section in the POD is right. Maybe the indexer
has been changed to only look for scripts (without a .pod extension)
under bin/? I don't know, I'm afraid, and looking at the META.yml spec
there doesn't seem to be any way to prompt the indexer from there.


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