RFC - File::Util 4.x Series Pre-Release

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This was posted at perlmonks a few hours ago, but I'm trying to cast a
wide net, as it were, and reach as many folks as possible.  I've applied
the proper amount of flame retardant, so here goes...

What's Up

File::Util has undergone some major changes in v4.x, some of which have
been discussed here since late December. I've preserved complete
backward compatibility while performing the overhaul.

The 4.x series is a both a response to community complaints/requests,
and a big push to bring it into step with "modern" best practices and
interface styles.

I'm looking for people to kindly let me know what they
think...good/bad/otherwise. Why? I'd like to get as much community
feedback as possible in the way of "social review" of the new interface
before publishing this distribution of major changes, features, bug
fixes. I value what you have to say.

    The git repository is here:

    A packaged dist is available here:

What's New

Other than a slew of bug fixes and feature additions, a quick look at
some key differences in the interface is succinctly presented in the
"SYNTAX" section of the manual, here:

See also the NEWS file in the dist.

What's Left

Things left before actual 4.x release would be to correct any
grammar/spelling issues in the docs that I haven't already caught, to
add more to the cookbook (and revisit recipes in the cookbook that are
old and could be improved), and to add even more to the test suite
(which currently runs over 500 tests in developer release test mode).
See also the TODO file in the dist.

My gratitude goes out to those who provide feedback, even if all you do
is read over the Manual (
) on github and point out anything you find good/bad/otherwise. For
those who try out the dist itself (maybe with perlbrew?) and play with
File::Util a bit, I thank you in the most emphatic terms possible. It's
so important to me to put forth the best code I can for the community,
for those who use the module commercially, for the CPAN, and for Perl.

My thanks already goes out to MST and RJBS who have provided valuable
help via IRC and CPAN RT. Also to SirSpammenot and Nick Perez who helped
via email and Google+, and to anyone who ever filed a bug report or
smoked File::Util.

-- Tommy Butler $ perl -MMIME::Base64 -e 'print

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