Retrieving User Information - IIS 6.0 CGI Single Sign On

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I have a cgi application that runs on IIS 6.0 with windows integrated
authentication (single sign on) in an Active Directory context.

I know that can get the logged in user name from environment.

My question is, what is the (most efficient) way to get hold of other
information available from the Active Directory database (e.g. user's
full name, phone number etc.)

Does windows make that information available through some direct API?
If so, could  someone please post example code?

If I have to make an LDAP call, could you post show example code?

Thanks in advance

Re: Retrieving User Information - IIS 6.0 CGI Single Sign On

On 2005-05-03, Geoffry Smith scribbled a series of words having
absolutely nothing to do with Perl.

You'd probably stand a better chance of getting an answer if you posted
this to a newsgroup in the microsoft.* hierarchy (though put on your
top-posting resistant armour; they have no sense of etiquette over

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Christopher Nehren
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Re: Retrieving User Information - IIS 6.0 CGI Single Sign On

Well, *assuming* (since you didn't say) you are running ActiveState
Perl (which is a pretty good assumption since it comes bundled on the
Windows Resource Kit CDs and is the most prevalent Perl installation on
Windows)...  You might have a look at the PLETHORA of Windows API calls
available to you using the Win32 modules.  Not only do you not need to
go to your environment to get the username, you can probably do just
about anything else you want to do as well using the Win32 modules.


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