Regular Expression help please

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I'm sure this message doesn't belong here exactly, but I know all the
Perl gurus know regular expressions really well and I can't find a
group just for regular expressions.

Anyway, I am trying to use regular expressions to find patterns and
add to them - not replace.

Specifically, I want to find something like:


and replace it with something like:


I really don't want to write a perl script to do it - I thought I
could do it in textpad or vi, but I'm having trouble with the syntax.
In Perl I would just find foo?.*\" and use $1 as the variable to
replace the number to the original number.  For some reason, I can't
get textpad to do what I want and I'm sure I'm just missing something

Thanks in advance for the help, and not flaming me.  Although if this
really needs to be about Perl, I'll take corrections on my assumptions
about how to do it in Perl and just write a script to do it.  It just
seems overkill.


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You might want to head on over to comp.editors for help with text editors.


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