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I have the following piece of code,

my $sd = '(\d)\s+(\d\d:\d\d:\d\d)';
my $ed   = '(\d|-1)\s+(\d\d:\d\d:\d\d|-1)';

my $up_com = '^#?(\S+)\s*(\S+)\s*'."$startDateRegex$";

my $regex = "([+#-]?)\s*$sd\s+$ed\s+(\S+)\s+(\S+)\s+(.+)";

while (<>) {

    if (/$regex/o) {

        my @line =
           ($1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $7, $8);
        # Process the data and print
    elsif (/$up_com/o) {

        my ($a,$b,$c) = ($2,$3,$4);
        # Process the data and print
    else {


I have two regex that can match the given line.  Is it possible to
combine first and second regex into one regex and process the data

Re: Regexp optimization

sravi wrote:
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Yes, but you run the risk of losing legibility. My suggestions are :-

* look at using Regexp::Assemble.

* if the processing is pretty much identical when $regex (you may want
to use a more descriptive name for this variable) and $up_com match, you
could do the processing in a subroutine.

* when you have matched $up_com, you pull out the matched items with

my ($a,$b,$c) = ($2,$3,$4);

You could use non-capturing parentheses in order to avoid capturing the
first term (note use of "?:"   ).
my $up_com = '^#?(?:\S+)\s*(\S+)\s*'."$startDateRegex$";

see man perlre and look for "non-capturing".

* you *could* (not sure this helps legibility) combine test and
assignment in the same line eg

if( my @line = ( /$regex/ ) ) {


(working example)
bob 538 $ perl -le '$f="abcd";print "@a" if @a=($f=~/(a)(b)(.)(d)/);'
a b c d
bob 539 $ perl -le '$f="abcd";print "@a" if @a=($f=~/(a)(b)(x)(d)/);'
bob 540 $

You may like to consider using something like Benchmark::Timer so that
you can track whether your optimizations are er, optimizing or not.
Check out perldoc re for details on debugging regexs.



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