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I want to use a regex in which the string for which we are searching
is a variable. Is this possible - it doesnt seem to work for me.

$a = "be";

$b="to be or not to be";
if ($b =~ m/$a/i )
print "this should be true";

$b = "apples and oranges";
if ($b =~ m/$a/i )
print "this should be false";


Re: Regex newbie

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Either you have to use post condition or have to close block after if
statement with brackets

print "this should be true" if ($b =~ /$a/i);


if ($b =~ /$a/i){
     print "this should be true";


Re: Regex newbie

gazza67 wrote:
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1) Don't use $a & $b. Quote from 'perldoc perlvar':
    Special package variables when using sort(), see "sort" in
    perlfunc.  Because of this specialness $a and $b don't need to
    be declared (using use vars, or our()) even when using the
    "strict 'vars'" pragma.  Don't lexicalize them with "my $a" or
    "my $b" if you want to be able to use them in the sort() com‐
    parison block or function.

2) You can make a better distinction between matching text and matching
variables by enclosing your variables in curly brackets, eg:
    $string =~ /$/;


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