Recursive Directory Copy (with resource forks) in Mac OS X

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At least for me, the module function File::Copy::Recursive::dircopy()
seems to not copy resource forks of descendant files when used in Mac

Has anyone else noticed this?  What's a good method for copying
directories in Mac OS X?  Call system() to invoke cp?


Jerry Krinock

Re: Recursive Directory Copy (with resource forks) in Mac OS X

After looking into the source for File::Copy::Recursive I see that
this is due to its reliance on the copy() method in the superclass
File::Copy.  And all of this is due to the fact that perl does not
have a built-in "copy file" function, which is well-known and seems to
have been discussed by people smarter than me who are discussing
whether or not to fix it in perl 6 [1].  So, I'll just use my own
workaround of calling system() to invoke darwin's cp (which copies
resource forks in Mac OS 10.4 or later).


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