Re: Why did PUGS die?

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AFAIK Pugs was never intended to be a production Perl 6 implementation.
The whole point was what Audrey called '-Ofun', that is, to give the
Perl 6 design team an implementation that was easy to play with. A
secondary purpose was to simply be a second implementation, to help iron
out any unnecessary Parrot dependancies in the spec (the fact that Perl
5's spec is the source of /usr/bin/perl is slowly becoming more of a
problem over time).

I haven't really been involved in Perl 6, though, so you may be better
off asking on one of the p6 lists. (Generally speaking, Perl 6 is still
pretty-much OT here, and is likely to remain so until there is a 6.0.0
release that can actually be used for real work.)


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