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Clearly you have only transferred itself. You also need all the
other files installed by the DBI distribution, which should be listed in
site_perl/5.8.5/x86_64-linux/auto/DBI/.packlist (adjust as appropriate
for wherever you installed it: if you can find a file called '',
the .packlist should be next to that). Note that this only has any
chance of working if the perls on your two machines are *completely*
identical, including perl version, OS version and compiler version used,
and you installed it on your own machine in the same place as it will be
installed on the production machine.

Given that you're using Linux, I would have expected that you have some
sort of binary packaging system available to you. It would be much
easier to install DBI directly on the target, using that system.


quine="echo 'eval $quine' >> \$0; echo quined"
eval $quine
#                                                        []

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