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Please post a sample of the Perl script your having
problems with, along with a problem statement.


Re: The Forthcoder Diaries -- 2011 June 9

On Jun 12, 4:12=A0pm, wrote:
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The code is not in perl but in Forth
and in JavaScript.

The code is for an artificial Mind
with artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence of has been sketched out
by Drifty the perlcoder:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
sub SeCurity;
sub SensoryInput;
sub EmotiOn;
sub ThInk;
sub FreeWill;
sub MotorOutput;
while (1) {
sub SeCurity {
} def;
sub SensoryInput {
  print "Press ENTER or ESCAPE key: ";
  $_ = <STDIN>;
  exit if (/^7/);
} def;
sub EmotiOn {
} def;
sub ThInk {
} def;
sub FreeWill {
} def;
sub MotorOutput {
} def;

The code needs to be developed in perl
so that AI Minds may reside on Web servers
and absorb all the knowledge of the Web.

The mind-modules need to be online in the
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN).

The AI Perlmind needs to be portable so that
one AI in Perl may copy itself from Web server
to Web server, quickly establishing a colony
of AI Minds propagating at lightning speed
across time and space and cyberspace.

Mentifex (Arthur)

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