Re: significant figures

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I'm sure there are other typeless languages out there.

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Yes, I agree entirely. My point was that real code involving
numeric calculations won't mix string/number conversions except on entry
points or initialization, and coerce to a number if its a typeless language
if the language supports that. Even in Perl you can do that if precautions
are taken.

So significance is ludicrous in the OP's context of conversion, then assignment.
Precision is everything, the least precise number as it interracts with
is the limiting factor of significance. Significance is secondary.

I wouldn't use Perl as a numerical methods language, but it could be done.
For engineers/math types usually thier first project in Perl is to try to
convert some numeric project, and the freewheeling conversions are a trap for
I think the term "automatic conversion" is a misnomer since clearly one can
usually point to the offending line of code involving string assignment or
cataenation/assignment operators. Once the string side is breaced, the variable
is tainted with respect to numeric calculations. There should only be one way
conversions, number -> temporary -> string -> print. Entry points are a different


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