Re: shutdown of linux box from cron perl script

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PS. I forgot to say just how I've tried to command the shutdown from perl:
  system "shutdown -r now";
  `shutdown -r now`;
and variations with 10 second delay, or with and without a newline (\n)

> Sorry for the cross-posting, but I'm not sure if this question lands on
> perl side of things, or the linux side...
> I have a perl script that runs once a minute to check various things.
> one condition I want it to reboot the system.  The command line equivalent
> of "shutdown -r 10".  I can get the script to work perfectly if I manually
> run it from the command-line, "./".  But when it runs
> automatically from cron, the shutdown command seems to be ignored, though
> all other output indicates the perl script is running fine.
> Any suggestions?
> Using: Debian Sarge, kernel 2.6, pentiumIII box, Perl 5.8.4
> Thanks!
> -Eric

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