Re: Questions about "perldoc perlembed"

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The example you provided (eg1.c) compiles and runs fine for me (using
VC 7.0) - though it's a rather lengthy command line that I used.

The first part of the command is just:

cl eg1.c

To that, I appended the output of running:

perl -MExtUtils::Embed -e "ccopts"

And then I further appended with the output of running:

perl -MExtUtils::Embed -e "ldopts"

For me, somewhere in the ccopts/ldopts output, there was an "-
opt:ref,icf" switch which the compiler doesn't understand and which
needed to be removed from the command. I expect you would have to do
the same.

There were also some other switches in the command line that were not
understood, but they just produced the warning that they were being
ignored - which didn't seem to matter.

(I think the "exactly the same way" bit just means that you need to
provide the ccopts and ldopts for that particular build of perl. Both
ccopts and ldopts can vary from one build to another.)

Not sure if that helps. You said you've had some success, so perhaps
I'm only repeating what you already know.

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You could instead have examined the output of 'perl -V', or just run
'perl -V:usemultiplicity'.


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