Re: problem running Convert::ASN1 on Windows XP

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The first part (up to the second use line) is a stand alone script
and this output shows that it ran.

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The second part of the synopsis:

 use Convert::ASN1 qw(:io);

  $peer   = asn_recv($sock,$buffer,0);
  $nbytes = asn_read($fh, $buffer);
  $nbytes = asn_send($sock, $buffer, $peer);
  $nbytes = asn_send($sock, $buffer);
  $nbytes = asn_write($fh, $buffer);
  $buffer = asn_get($fh);
  $yes    = asn_ready($fh)

is not a standalone script. These are just examples of functions
exported when the :io export group is requested.


for examples.


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