Re: Perl killed after child spawn

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: I'm finding that if my C++ child process bombs out with signal ABRT
: (this is on Solaris btw, with Perl v5.8.4), then Perl dies. The script
: run just says "Killed" and that's all I get out of it. [...]

How are you starting the child processes?

The bigger-hammer approach would be to ignore SIGABRT from the test
driver, at the disadvantage of losing meaning in exit statuses:

    $ cat try
    #! /usr/bin/perl

    use warnings;
    use strict;

    my @tests = (
      [ null  => "/bin/true" ],
      [ abort => 'perl -e \'kill ABRT, $$\'' ],

    foreach my $case (@tests) {
      my($desc,$cmd) = @$case;

      my $pid = fork;

      if ($pid) {
        waitpid $pid, 0;
        print "$desc: ", $? == 0 ? "PASS" : "FAIL", "\n";
      else {
        $SIG = "IGNORE";
        exec $cmd or die "$0: exec: $!";
    $ ./try
    null: PASS
    abort: PASS

You'll get better advice if you show us some code.

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