Re: Perl DBI Module: SQL query where there is space in field name

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Sir Robin wrote:
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So one cannot disagree with you, or it's "blindly disagreeing"?

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What you both are demonstrating is the core constant problem on Usenet:
failing to communicate; failing to even attempt to understand the other
person's point of view. I see people like you respond to people like
DeFaria (people who you obviously consider to be inferior) and display a
complete inability to see past your own views, and thus you have a never
ending fight between the academia types and the more every day types.

I don't understand why it's so difficult to comprehend that everyone
comes from a different back ground, upbringing; everything that happens
in your life shapes who you are, and no one chooses who they are born
as. So what good does is do to continually pass judgments just because
someone may not of been lucky enough to attain the same level of

So please stop judging and try to make some effort to actually
communicate. If you really have so much more education then what excuse
is there for such a lack of communication? People like you should be
setting an example of such rather than fueling pointless debates. If the
academia types among us are unable to do something so basic as
effectively communicate with differing parties, then, I ask you, what
good is all that higher education??


Re: Perl DBI Module: SQL query where there is space in field name

On Thu, 12 Jun 2008 01:21:58 -0700, Waylen Gumbal wrote:

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I actually tried to communicate with DeFaria. Being on usenet for about
20 years I think of myself as kind of a veteran and I hope I learned some
communication skills in the meantime, especially on usenet.

But communication with DeFaria is impossible.

This group should be gentler with newbies, better at assuming someone
didn't exactly mean what they said. And as communication on usenet and
communication about programming languages are both tricky, they should
learn the newbie how to communicate.

And everyone should learn for themselves. How do my preconceptions stand
in the way of effective communication. Are we turning into an inbred

But you picked the complete wrong example. DeFaria is hopeless. Whatever
communication deficiency this group has, DeFaria has it ten times over.
Don't waste any time on him. Don't use him as an example.


Re: Perl DBI Module: SQL query where there is space in field name

Martijn Lievaart wrote:
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I didn't realize it was so extensive with him. I meant my point in a
more generalist way, and having gone to google groups and reading up on
past threads, it seems the initial catalyst was still a communication
gap, on both sides.

That said, I understand all the frustrations with him and similar
people, and I understand your points. Thank you for pointing where I was
in error.


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