Re: Parsing FileName for upload

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Sorry if this is not relevant, but perhaps the module Path-Class may be


Re: Parsing FileName for upload

> No.  Please don't thank me, as I was severely wrong. :)  I think I must

Well, I've had people post from Linux using Opera.

Using the previous methodology the filename got parsed out.

Using File::Basename everything worked as I would hope.

And it still works from IE and Mozilla on Windows.

The stuff I was able to find about fileparse() stated:

"If you haven't called fileparse_set_fstype(), the syntax is chosen by
examining the osname entry from the Config package according to these

So it appears that fileparse() is correctly identifying at least
Windows and Linux.

I don't know the % of other systems that are likely to use this
utility, but it will be VERY small.  The only one that might be worth
identifying specifically is 'Mac'.

And if what I am saying is wrong, I am more than willing to hear why
and adjust things if I can.

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