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On Thu, 08 Jan 2009 21:25:17 +1300, Ryan McCoskrie wrote:

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I didn't know that.

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Thanks for your response, Ryan.  What do you mean by this?  I'm well
acquainted with the gfortran and g95 folks; indeed, I use their compilers.
Do you mean support that doesn't take the form of a compiler?

I ran the script in the same directory as the target, and I missed:
Could not open ehp3.txt No such file or directory at line 4.

 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is 942A-AD55

 Directory of C:\MinGW\source

01/04/2009  07:50 PM               566 eph3.txt
01/05/2009  01:57 PM             1,576 eph4.f03
01/06/2009  10:51 PM               532 eph4.txt
01/05/2009  02:11 PM             1,567 eph5.f03
01/06/2009  10:56 PM               730 eph6.f03
01/06/2009  11:15 PM               852 eph7.f03
01/06/2009  04:43 PM               465 eps1.f03
11/27/2003  02:31 PM            13,333 f2kcli.f90
12/14/2008  01:28 PM             2,662 f2kcli.mod
01/09/2009  06:18 PM               538
01/30/2000  03:19 PM             1,276 fax.h


Any ideas?

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Re: opening a file

George wrote:

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yes, eph.txt and ehp.txt are not the same file name.
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Re: opening a file

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Good for you. It's wrong.

The $_ variable isn't created by the while statement. It's a predefined
variable which always exists.

However, if you use the <> operator (or the readline function) inside
the condition of a while loop without explicitely assigning it to a
variable, the return value is automatically assigned to $_.

    while (<FILE>) { .... }
    while (readline(FILE)) { ... }
are just abbreviations for
    while ($_ = <FILE>) { .... }
And this in turn is an abbreviation for
    while (defined ($_ = <FILE>)) { .... }
because of another special case.


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