Re: New module name (Eclipse::PHPMe)

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 > Hi all!  I wrote a Perl utility to turn an ordinary directory into an
 > Eclipse PHP project. I'm new to CPAN and Perl, so I have few
 > questions:

 > - Is CPAN the right place for it?  It's only a script (referenced in
 > EXE_FILES in Makefile.PL).  I intend to use this script as I'm always
 > importing different PHP projects in Eclipse and it can be handy

 > - I've looked for the Eclipse namespace in CPAN, searching for
 > Eclipse with the filter set to 'Module', and found nothing. Is
 > Eclipse::PHPMe a good name?

    There's the App:: namespace prefix for applications (and

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    You can distribute applications as Perl distributions. Typically,
    those sorts of distributions go under the App namespace, like
    App::Ack, App::Cpan, and App::Prove.  The namespace implies that its
    a ready-to-use program rather than a module.
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    There seem to be a plenty of Perl applications distributed this
    way.  Consider, e. g.:


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Re: New module name (Eclipse::PHPMe)

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Hi Ivan!

Thanks for the feedback.

App seems to be the right place for this application. However, I think
App::PHPMe would not be the right name for it. Maybe
App::Eclipse::PHPMe, or App::EclipsePHPMe? What do you think?

By the way, do I need to talk with someone else about using the App
namespace prefix?

Much appreciated!


Re: New module name (Eclipse::PHPMe)

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What is the executable that gets installed called? If it's called phpme,
I'd call the distribution App::PHPMe, since you've effectively already
'claimed' that name; if it's called something like eclipse_phpme or is
installed somewhere where it only gets called from Eclipse, I'd call it

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No. In general names on CPAN are first-come, first-served. There are a
few official restrictions, mostly now quite old (for instance, names
under DBI:: are restricted), and there is an unofficial convention that
putting your module under the namespace of an existing module with many
supplied sub-modules (like, say, Catalyst, or Plack) should only be done
after coordinating with the author(s) of that module, but generic
top-level namespaces like App:: are free-for-all.

If you want advice about module naming from the people who run CPAN and
PAUSE, you can write to the mailing list.


Re: New module name (Eclipse::PHPMe)

Hi Ben!

Thanks for the explanation, you were very clear :-)

I'll the PHP::PHPMe as the module name for now, but when submitting to
Pause I will take a look at to check if the name is
fine too.

Thank you very very much.

All the best,

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