Re: include external perl program

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good hint Tad,
but I found it slightly irritating in a point: the article dismisses
any possible use of "local".
It happens instead that I often find it very useful. The typical
situation is where a variable globally visible keeps some kind of
"current state". This var is continuously modified at runtime, but you
have to restore its value when any given function exits (isnt'it called
also dynamical scoping?).

Re: include external perl program

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What was a good hint?

It is customary to provide some context when composing a followup.

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If you are following up to something that Tad said, then there
should be an ID of Tad's article in the References header.

Please don't break stuff like that. Learn how to make proper

I have followups that mention my article's IDs scored way up so
that I don't miss what other say about what I said.

I would never have even seen this followup of yours (due to
some "domainist" score rules) if I hadn't noticed it in
somebody else's subsequent followup, because it makes
no reference to any of my articles.

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No it doesn't.

Did you read the Notes at the end? (the very first one)

It dismisses 97% of the possible uses of "local".

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