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I NEED for code for user creation form one enter email and mobile number another user click same email and mobile its validate already exits  it will come

Re: How read email headers?

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[Please limit your line length to ~75 characters as has been a
time-honored and -proven custom in Usenet for over 2 decades. Thank you]

I realize that English is probably not your native language but please
try putting in some more effort in writing understandable text. Your
text is a sequence of English words, but it doesn't follow any grammar
and its meaning is completely unclear.
Don't try difficult structures. Use simple and short sentences. Use the
standard structure subject, verb, object. Use punctuation.
Maybe that will sound like baby talk, but better baby talk than


Re: How read email headers?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I think you are a LITTLE too harsh -- I think it means this.

"I need code for a user creation form for a Web page.
User 1 enters their email and mobile telephone number.
After some time, user 2 clicks that email and mobile number.
If the system validates that the email and mobile number exists,
then something (a message?) will be transmitted to user 1."

bavithramurali, is that what you want?

If true:

I am sorry.  The purpose of comp.lang.perl.misc is for people who know
Perl, who write code, who get a single problem, who need help with it.
An example: "Here is some code.  There is an error message for line
12.  What does the message mean?  How do I fix it?"

People here do not want to write much code for people, because of
these reasons:
- People here do not want to do much work and get no money.
- Someone must do much work to get details -- describe the form.
  Describe the system.  What needs to be sent?  How?
  Probably, few people here write your language, so it would be
  very difficult.

I think this: please get someone in your area.

Tim McDaniel,

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