Re: Finding all the links in a Unix file/directory path

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I can't seem to use it:

my $orig_file = "/tmp/test_hier/b/f/of3.cpp";
my $target_dir = "/tmp/copy";

use File::Copy::Recursive qw(rcopy);
local $File::Copy::Recursive::CopyLink =1;

rcopy($orig_file,$target_dir)  or die $!;


1) After executing the above script,  '/tmp/copy' is the file
2) I read the documentation and tried to see if setting
$File::Copy::Recursive::Maxdepth=1 made any difference but I am
getting the following warning:

Name "File::Copy::Recursive::Maxdepth" used only once: possible typo
        ./ line 11 (#1)

Any ideas?


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