Re: Can I write CPAN Modules for a living?

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Your first post on c.l.p.m. was in July, 2008. Replying to
RedGrittyBrick, a poster who has contributed far more than you, you

"You got shit fo brains my friend.

Somehow, I can't quite work up a lot of sympathy for you, but I do
have a suggestion. If you can't find a job in the IT sector, try other
sectors, like maybe the fast food sector or the security guard sector.

I understand about getting hired. I've interviewed for IT jobs now for
a number of years (not really seeking a new job, just looking around,
because I've always had someone willing to pay me regularly). My take
is that it's very hard to be hired cold, that the largest number of IT
jobs go to those that already are a known quality to the employer.

Maybe this is why you are having a hard time ... you are already a
known quality to your pool of employers.

Despite my snide remark, I wish you the best, and if you feel that I
can do anything for you, please contact me privately.


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