Re: A Sort Optimization Technique: decorate-sort-dedecorate

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Re: A Sort Optimization Technique: decorate-sort-dedecorate

  R> Basically it first builds, than sorts an index.

  R> The pre-computed (multi-)keys can often be optimized, see Uri's
  R> Sort::Maker
  R> for facilities.

gack, now i ave been mentioned and responding to a thread started by the
moron xah. his flame on the ST shows how stupid he is. he calls it
decorate/sort/undecorate but he doesn't know it was a well known
technique way back in the 50's and 60's. typical of his narrow mind and
lack of real understanding and computer history. the ST didn't invent it
but just showed how to do it easily in perl. and the GRT didn't invent
pack/sort either, it just (and Sort::Maker) just does it easily for you
in perl. both the ST and GRT are implemetation idioms of a known sort
optimization trick used in the real world. in pure algorithmic analysis,
neither one would be even considered as they don't improve the actual
growth curve of the sort. and all the other langs (deleted from the
headers) are just showing their simple equivilent sort/cmp ops. BFD.


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