Quotemeta & Regex question re-posted as plain text

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I wish pasting the content won't make any character loss but my program and
data is like the following:

You can see data1 is simply the substring of data2 and therefore I pass the
file containing data2 as $file1 and then the longer one as $file1 to my perl
program. $file1 content will be split by the delimiter tab and to check
against whether it contains any pattern that exist in data1.

I appreciate your advice about what's going wrong as I cannot simply replace
all the special characters in the file in advance.


NZ_AAJX02000024.1|_revcom_54779..55912|beta-lactamase precursor|identified
by match to protein family HMM PF00144 A


use warnings; use strict;

my ( $file1, $file2, $outname) = @ARGV;

my $name = "wholeline";
my $cmpsout = "";

if ($outname ne "") {
 $cmpsout = $outname . ".xls";
} else {
 $cmpsout = $file1 . "_AND_$name" . "_$file2.xls";
open( my $FP1, '<', $file1) or die "could not open '$file1' $!";
open( my $FP2, '<', $file2) or die "could not open '$file2' $!";

open my $CMPS, '>', $cmpsout or die "could not open ' $cmpsout' $!";

my $i=0;
my @row1s;
my $line;
#read file1 into row
while ( $line = <$FP1> ) {
 chomp $line;
 $row1s[$i]=  [ split(/\t/, $line) ];

my @row2s;
#read file2 into row
my $j=0;
while ( $line = <$FP2> ) {
 chomp $line;
 $row2s[$j]= $line;

for my $aref1 (@row1s) {

 FILE2: for my $aref2 (@row2s) {

    my $match = 1;

    my $pattern = $aref1->[0];
    $pattern = quotemeta $pattern ;
    $aref2 = quotemeta $aref2;

  print "pattern: $pattern";<STDIN>;
print "aref2: $aref2"; <STDIN>;
    if ( $pattern !~ /$aref2/ ) {
     $match = 0;

  print "MATCH-$match\n";<STDIN>;
    if ($match == 1) {
     print $CMPS "$aref1->[0]\n$aref1->[1]\n";
     last FILE2;

Re: Quotemeta & Regex question re-posted as plain text

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Is your data1 a regular expression? If not then there is no need to
wield the big RE stick: as simple call of index() will tell you if it is
a substring of some other string.

If you insist on using m//, then you need to escape all RE
meta-characters in your pattern ...

Quoted text here. Click to load it

... which apparently you are doing here.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

But why are you calling the string "pattern" and the regular expression
pattern "aref". Are you trying to confuse your readers?

And why on earth are you doing a quotemeta on your string? Now your
string of maybe
has become
and obviously that will not be matched by e.g. the quotemeta'ed
which would be searching for a literal o, followed by a dash, followed
by an a.


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