Question on opalORB

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Hi All,

Sorry for posting a question not entirely related to Perl.

I need to know if there are any guidelines on using a CORBA client
written in Perl, uses opalORB (version 0.1.4) and runs inside Apache
mod_perl (Linux, FC6).?

I am facing some problems when the server to which the client is
communicating goes down and comes back again later. The server is
written in C++ and uses TAO and is running on the same machine as
client. While the server is down, any attempt to connect generates a
TRANSIENT exception at client. After the server is restarted, the
client can re-connect but even after reconnecting successfully,
sometimes it throws a TRANSIENT exception (minor code 2: no usable
profile in IOR). The server object is persistent object running on a
fixed port. Client uses corbaloc url to initiate communication with
the server. The only way to get rid of intermittent TRANSIENT
exceptions is to restart the web server.

Any help is highly appreciated.


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