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Re: Question on learning Perl

AD> Ted Zlatanov wrote:
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AD> Jürgen Exner wrote:
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AD> Ah no you didn't. According to


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AD> I find your statement laughable being as I was the the one who
AD> originally made the quote itself! And let me tell ya brother I am
AD> 100% qualified to explain to you exactly what I meant and you are 0%
AD> qualified, and I must say I most certainly did mean "most of the
AD> words present in the English language"! Again, how would I know
AD> that? Why because it was me who said it!

Sorry about that.

When you follow up, can you please keep citation lines so people don't
get confused, as I did?  Thanks.

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AD> Not in the least. The quote I made carries exactly the meaning I
AD> assign to it because I'm the guy who made it!. The quote about
AD> 500,000 is again literally true. I was making exactly that point,
AD> that people don't get anywhere close to learning everything about
AD> any language before they start using it - be it English or Perl. The
AD> point just flew waaaaayyyy over you head (which isn't really
AD> surprising).

Thanks for clarifying.  Your posts are always educational *and*
humorous.  I can assure you I look forward to the next one.


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