question about namespacing in perl

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I'm trying to unterstand the namescoping of perl, I found the following example:

package B::Assembler;
sub B::Asmdata::PUT_U8

How do you define the full namespaced sub name?
Is it B::Assembler::B::Asmdata::PUT_U8 or only B::Asmdata::PUT_U8 ?
How you would call the function PUT_U8 from outside and inside this package?

I think the subs following a package definition belong to this package.


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Re: question about namespacing in perl

Also sprach Khamis Abuelkomboz:

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This is the function PUT_U8() living in the package (=namespace)

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It's the latter. Specifying namespaces can only ever happen in two ways:
Either unqualified (PUT_U8()) which will access the entry in the current
namespace (main:: if there is no explicit package-declaration) or fully
qualified (B::Asmdata::PUT_U8()) which accesses the entry in B::Asmdata
regardless of the namespace the calling code lives in.

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From outside:


From inside:

    # or (although unnecessarily)

Note that giving the full name works everywhere whereas accessing an
unqualified entry only works if that entry lives in the current

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Yes, as long as they are not qualified. In your example above however
the package-declaration was overruled by the package-declaration in

    sub B::Asmdata::PUT_U8 {}

use bigint;

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