Question about building perl 5.8.6 multi-threaded on Linux

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Greetings to you all.  :)

I'm trying to find out what my options are for getting a recent/current
perl release built multi-threaded on my Linux-based server, based on
RedHat 9 (I believe).  I'm running a 2.4.20 kernel and have glibc-2.3.2

When I've tried to build any perl release newer than 5.8.2, I've had
"make test" fail on the "wait" test, as described in my previous post:

Is my problem with getting a post-5.8.2 multi-threaded perl build
successfully built due to a RedHat configured glibc, perhaps, or is
there possibly something else wrong that is causing me grief?

Would upgrading glibc (or at least rebuilding glibc-2.3.2) help?

Thanks in advance for any advice, tips, or information you might have.



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