Proxy and LWP::UserAgent

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I have put together a pretty good working webcrawler using ActivePerl for
windows. I am trying to get it to access a proxy from a list of PUBLIC
proxies stored in a text file. I am seem to have trouble in this area. I am
using a standard agent to access and I am setting up the proxy in the
standard way using a public proxy from the text file.
the way I am reading the description of a proxy setting in LWP::UserAgent
is: (bare with me on this logic) I am telling the server I am trying to
access the web page to send the data to the proxy address I have set up in
UserAgent . The problem is that I have not notified or accessed the public
proxy where to tell it where to send the data. In other words, I have not
before hand notified the proxy server to send the data to my IP address and
I believe this is where I am having trouble.

I was looking for any information or any help in the use of proxies and

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Re: Proxy and LWP::UserAgent

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Repair the corrupted file:

   perl -p -i -e 'tr/\r//d' bad_file

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