problems writing existing worksheet

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I'm verry new with Perl....blahblah

I have a perl script who read out a txt file and extract some
information from it. The output of it is placed in a new Excel file
create with:

my $workbook = Spreadsheet::WriteExcel->new($file);
my $worksheet = $workbook->addworksheet();
my $format = $workbook->add_format();

But what i want is that the output comes in an existing workbook and
overwrite a specific (existing) worksheet.

The perl script is called from a VBA macro so the xls file where to
write the output is allready open.

I've looked on several sites and tried several things, but i cant get
it work. I have tried OLE Spreadsheet:SimpleExcel&WriteExcel.

Can someone tell me which module i have to use... and maybe good
tutorial url for this problem.

Allready Thanks CN

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As you have noticed, pointing out your experience level is completely
unnecessary, so please don't do it.

Please read the posting guidelines for this group to learn how to help
yourself and help others help you.

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Given that you are already using VBA etc, you should probably be looking
into using Win32::OLE and manipulating the worksheet through Excel's OLE

I do not think you can write to a file that is open for full access by


(reverse each component and remove .invalid for email address)

comp.lang.perl.misc guidelines on the WWW:

Re: problems writing existing worksheet


Thanks for your reply.
I've tried the past weekend several things, because i hoped there was a
way to write to an open excel file. But i think i have to look for a
cut and paste option, or something like that.

Thanks for your help CN

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