Problems installing Jifty. Test::WWW::Selenium fails b/c Test::Mock::LWP? Not sure...

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While installing Jifty via cpanplus it "threw me in" the "old cpan" to
install the 'Test::Mock::LWP' module, which was required for the
Test::WWW::Selenium module to be installed. After just "going with the
flow" and switching over into the cpan the installed failed. I am not
sure why and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. My
version of Perl is 5.10. I am not sure what other information I should
give besides I usually always use the default choice when asked a
question vai cpanplus/cpan. Thanks in advance.

# Below is the tail end of the cpanplus .log file:
# Here I was still in cpanplus:
Module 'Jifty' requires 'Test::WWW::Selenium' to be installed

If you don't wish to see this question anymore
you can disable it by entering the following commands on the prompt:
    's conf prereqs 1; s save'

Should I install this module? [Y/n]:
Running [/usr/bin/perl /usr/bin/cpanp-run-perl /home/signals/.cpanplus/
5.10.0/build/Test-WWW-Selenium-1.17/Makefile.PL ]...
*** Module::AutoInstall version 1.02
*** Checking for Perl dependencies...
[Core Features]
- Test::More      ...loaded. (0.86 >= 0.42)
- Test::Exception ...loaded. (0.27)
- Test::Mock::LWP ...missing.
- Test::Pod       ...loaded. (1.26)
- LWP::UserAgent  ...loaded. (5.826)
- URI::Escape     ...loaded. (3.29 >= 1.31)
==> Auto-install the 1 mandatory module(s) from CPAN? [y]
Sorry, we have to rerun the configuration dialog for due to
some missing parameters...

# 'Test::Mock::LWP ...missing' is when I was "thrown" into cpan

The following questions are intended to help you with the
configuration. The CPAN module needs a directory of its own to cache
important index files and maybe keep a temporary mirror of CPAN files.
This may be a site-wide or a personal directory......etc.....


Test Summary Report
t/TestApp-RestartServer/t/restart.t                  (Wstat: 512
Tests: 8 Failed: 2)
  Failed tests:  6-7
  Non-zero exit status: 2
Files=110, Tests=1818, 258 wallclock secs ( 0.87 usr  0.20 sys +
186.44 cusr 20.43 csys = 207.94 CPU)
Result: FAIL
Failed 1/110 test programs. 2/1818 subtests failed.
make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 255

[HISTORY] [Tue May 26 00:50:31 2009] Proceed anyway? [y/N]:  n
[ERROR] [Tue May 26 00:50:31 2009] Unable to create a new distribution
object for 'Jifty' -- cannot continue.

Re: Problems installing Jifty. Test::WWW::Selenium fails b/c Test::Mock::LWP? Not sure...

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This is your problem. This is a bug in Test::WWW::Selenium: the author
should have released a new version with an updated version of
Module::Install, and in any case AutoInstall is deprecated nowadays.

Download the tarball, unpack it, edit the Makefile.PL to remove the line


tar it up again, and then run

    cpanp -i file:///path/to/Test-WWW-Selenium.tar.gz

This should correctly install T::W::S and all its dependancies, at which
point you should be able to install Jifty. You may want to report this
to the T::W::S bugtracker.


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