Problem with PPC cross-compile

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I'm doing a port of Perl 5.8.6 to PPC big-endian (QNX 6.3), cross
compiled on Linux x86.  It seems to more or less work except for some
strange things.  For example:

$x = 4;
$y = 5;
$z = $y - $x;
print "Interpolated z=$z\n";
print "Non-interpolated z=",$z,"\n";
print "Subtract as part of print: $y-$x=",$y-$x,"\n";

Results in:

Interpolated z=1
Non-interpolated z=1
Subtract as part of print: 5-4=1209256328

I'm assuming it's a config problem, but all my config values look OK to
me. I'm hoping someone with some knowledge of Perl internals can hazard
a guess as to what is wrong.


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