Problem executing several layers deep from a service

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I have a perl script which is installed as a service - it checks a
directory state every X seconds and looks for a file with certain
naming. If this file is found and it contains certain data - then I
call a function from a module which (several layers down) calls another - then another .bat file ... I can track the status of this right
up to the point where the system / exec call to the .bat file - and I
get a failure - it never executes the .bat file.

The calls from the perl module - all the way through to the .bat file
and beyond work solidly when I am running an interactive session that
uses this module.

Is there some sort of restriction on how many layers (or children) a
service can execute? It just seems to hit a brick wall. The error
message back from $? on the system cal is 256 which tells me nothing.

I have installed this service using my own log in so I don't think
permissions are an issue.

Any help is appreciated.


i can send the code / module / pl / bat files if requested

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