Prevent kill signals to childs

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Hi, i have the this problem, i have process opened with open3, and i
use waitpid in threads to determine if ends, but when i send a SIGINT
(Control-C) the signal propagates to the childs, i need control this
signal and prevent the propagation of the signal to childs, how i can
do that???


Re: Prevent kill signals to childs

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When you press Control-C in most shells, the shell will send SIGINT to
everyone the "process group", or something like that.  If the child uses
POSIX::setsid() to remove itself from the parent's process group, then it
shouldn't receive the signal.

If that doesn't work, you could use a sig handler in the child to trap and
ignore the signal.


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Re: Prevent kill signals to childs

On Thu, 05 Jun 2008 16:09:04 +0000, xhoster wrote:

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If the OP cannot control the child in this regard, it still can be done,
but it's dirty and tricky. Fork(), setsid() and exec and figure out a way
to keep Open3()s functionality.


Re: Prevent kill signals to childs

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Can you add a SIGINT handler in the child to block
or ignore the signal...?

If not, you could launch the child via a shell
which ignores the signal, eg, in some Unix
shells at least, this'll work:

open3(...., "trap '' 2;/path/to/child") ..

Of course, if you don't catch SIGINT in the
parent, the child appears to get disposed of
in spite of the shell's SIGINT trap... Maybe
it gets a SIGTERM from the O/S when the parent
dies unexpectedly... I don't know.

However, if you trap SIGINT in the parent,
you can confirm that the child has ignored
the signal and is still running by examining

Charles DeRykus

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