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I had a weird experience today. Using ActiveState Perl on a WinXP box,
I attempted to install a module from CPAN using the PPM shell. System
hung for about 15 minutes before I got the prompt back. A second
attempt had the same results. Finally, using CPAN to install the same
module successfully completed the task in a matter of seconds. I don't
recall whether it was on the order of 10 seconds or 100 seconds, but
the job was finished when I had poured myself a cup of coffee.

I've always had better results with PPM on this particular machine
than with CPAN, and I'm just wondering what the difference could be.



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Do you mean 'system hung', or do you mean 'ppm hung'? Did the mouse
freeze?  Did the cmd window stop refreshing itself? Could you ^C the

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Presumably since they're downloading different files they are talking to
different machines, and the ppm machine wasn't responding. I am
surprised it hung for 15 minutes without some sort of timeout firing
(even if only the 'this isn't working... ^C' sort of timeout :) ).


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