Posting Guidelines conserning the __DATA__ token

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Hi All,

The posting guidelines are a great resource for us newbie's but sometimes
they are not as clear
as they could be. An example of this is the use of the __DATA__ token. From
the guidelines

"Describe *precisely* the input to your program. Also provide example
input data for your program. If you need to show file input, use the
__DATA__ token (perldata.pod) to provide the file contents inside of
your Perl program."

This is good but it does not show an example of how to do this. I checked
the perldata documentation (perldoc perldata) and the explantion is OK
but the docs in Selfloader I think are better (perldoc Selfloader)
Would it be possible to (at least add) the Selfloader reference to the
guidelines? Something like
__DATA__ token (Selfloader.pod ,perldata.pod) to provide the file...



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