Pod links to manpages

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perlpodstyle(1) states:

  "References to other man pages should be in the form
   "manpage(section)" or ""L<manpage(section)>"", and Pod::Man will
   automatically format those appropriately.  Both will render as
   manpage(section).  The second form, with L<>, is used to request that
   a POD formatter make a link to the man page if possible."


  "Man page references, if they use the standard "name(section)" form,
   don't have to be enclosed in L<> (although it's recommended)"

However, when using L<> for manpage references, podchecker gives a
warning.  Pod::Checker(3) describes the warning as follows:

  "There is a section detected in the page name of L<...>, e.g.
   "L<passwd(2)>". POD hyperlinks may point to POD documents only.
   Please write "C<passwd(2)>" instead.  Some formatters are able to
   expand this to appropriate code."

This is confusing.  What is the recommended form?


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