pipes in Windows perlfork emulation

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Does anyone here have any background info about the following paragraph
which appears in "perldoc perlfork" regarding the emulation of fork()
for Windows?

              In certain cases, the OS-level handles created by
              the pipe(), socket(), and accept() operators are
              apparently not duplicated accurately in
              pseudo-processes.  This only happens in some
              situations, but where it does happen, it may result
              in deadlocks between the read and write ends of pipe
              handles, or inability to send or receive data across
              socket handles.

I'm running into a deadlock situation involving pipes which seems much
like that described. But before I attribute it to a Perl/Win32 bug I
want to do some research. Unfortunately the phrasing above ("certain
cases") is so general as to cover just about anything.

Henry Townsend

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