PHP -> Parrot? (Anyone suspect?)

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I wonder... if parrot is supposed to be this virtual machine
for dynamically typed languages and it'll one day do things like

Do you think there will ever be a PHP to Parrot compiler?

Even if it were limited, it would sure mess things up for the zend business
model. :-(

On the other hand, it sure would be nice, a large problem with mod_perl is that
it can't be used on a shared host.

Seems like mod_parrot could allow perl to get past this problem in a limited
kind of way, (Assuming it can be configured to enforce some degree of isolation
between requests) skipping ahead of PHP.

All that PHP stuff could be 'compiled' for mod_parrot and we could get get back
to doing web stuff in perl.

Would parrot provide the type of isolation between requests (more importantly,
*users*) on a shared apache server?

How likely do you think this is?

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