Perlmind Programming Journal (PMPJ) -- details for 2015 June 04

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Next we need to stub in the EnParser (English Parser) module,  
not so much for its own sake, but rather as a bridge to calling  
the InStantiate module. We have EnParser merely announce that  
it has been called by the NewConcept module, so that we may see  
that the AI still runs with no apparent problems. We declare the $bias and $pov  

variables associated with EnParser so as to make sure that  
they are not reserved words in Perl. We clean up some lines  
of code previously commented out but left intact for at least  
one archival release iteration. We caution here that the

EnParser module is extremely primitive and relies upon  
very strict input formats such as subject-verb-object (SVO),  
so that EnParser can expect a subject-noun, then a verb,  
and then an object-noun or a predicate nominative.  
We are more interested in the demonstration of thinking  
than in the demonstration of parsing. Perl AI coders  
may be able to adapt pre-existing CPAN or other  

parsing code for use with the AI Perlmind.  


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