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I am looing for Perl code to replace common UNIX/Linux functions.
For example, is there a Perl equivalent of the "df" command - that can
be used
to get filesystem information in a standard way across UNIX & Linux

Re: Perl UNIX/Linux API

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Now _that_ is an unfortunate typo...

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Though rather oldish, and I don't see "df" listed there.

A more recent sighting:

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Re: Perl UNIX/Linux API

  TJM> /

and the OP didn't search cpan which has modules for most/all of those
common unix utilities. these showed up when i searched for df:



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Re: Perl UNIX/Linux API

Thanks for the replies.
I did check CPAN actually, but I wasn't directly searching for df at
the time - that was just one example.
I was hoping to stumble across a whole library of tools - looks like
ppt is the most likely answer.

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